Our Authentic Greek Food

Mama Tassia has been pleasing people with her delicious Greek dishes for over 30 years! Firstly from the family’s 300 seater restaurant on the Island of Zakinthos (Zante) and since 2003 here at the Greedy Greek Deli in Sheffield.

Traditional recipes & Mediterranean favours

We have an extensive menu of authentic Greek Cuisine and Zakinthos plays an important role in the style of Greek food we serve. Under Tassia’s watchful eye, her team of chefs lovingly make the dishes we sell and ensure the flavours are ‘just right’.

All the sauces we have are made from scratch with fresh produce just the way Mama would make them in Zakinthos. Fresh produce is very important to ensure authentic flavour and texture and she will let our suppliers know in no uncertain terms she is not happy if they try to supply ingredients that are not up to her high expectations.

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The (Deli) serves as a takeaway and a café, with tables outside, downstairs & in a charming room upstairs. Watch them slicing meat off the kebab spit while you wait… or browse the shelves stacked with Greek goodies!

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Many ingredients are home grown

The high quality of our Greek dishes is important to us, so we aim to include our own organic vegetables where possible. We want you to taste the very best fresh, authentic flavours of Greece – right here in Sheffield and across the UK.

Horta with skordalia (field vegetables with potato & garlic dip), stuffed tomatoes & delicious lemon artichokes are just some examples of dishes that include our own produce.

We are not totally self sufficient yet, but have made a good start. We have focused on home grown produce which we use a lot of, and vegetables not so widely available here.

Our customers have regularly commented they really can taste the difference and we hope you will notice this in our dishes too!

Important notice to all our customers ...

Please be advised that the Greedy Greek Deli will continue to work only as a takeaway for the time being. Our team are working very hard and we do not have enough staff to wait tables at this time.

Thank you for your understanding

The Greedy Greek Deli Team :-)